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Student Marketing Case Study - Lebara Mobile

International SIM card specialists, Lebara Mobile needed to sign up new international students to its services at the start of the academic year, and contacted Campus Media to create a buzz on campus.


The Lebara Group was founded in 2001 to offer tailored innovative telecommunications solutions so that families, friends and colleagues can keep in touch, both at home & abroad.

It launched the first ever low-cost international mobile service in the Netherlands in 2004. By the start of 2010 Lebara mobile had over 2.5 million customers in: the Netherlands, Denmark, Spain, Switzerland, the UK, Australia and Germany.


Lebar Mobile wanted to increase sign ups to its international student mobile service in the UK at the start of the academic year. It employed Campus Media to create and deploy an exciting Campus Tour.

Campus Media determined the top 20 Universities in the UK with the highest number of international students and used its Campus Media Crew (student brand ambassadors) to endorse Lebara Mobile to this audience through peer-to-peer recommendation.

Emails were sent to international students across the UK to boost awareness of the service, and students were signed up on the spot as free SIMs were distributed on campus.


  • Campus Media's target was to achieve 50 registrations per location, per day, over a two week period
  • Campus Media distributed and signed up 137 per day, and almost tripled its target

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