Student Marketing Case Study

BP wanted to spread the word to students about its aim to have more women represent c-level positions within its business.

The Objectives:

BP tasked Campus Media to carry out an on-campus student marketing campaign that would increase awareness of its perception on diversity and inclusivity, and encourage students to attend its International Women’s Day event in London.

Campus Media were asked to target 1st and 2nd year female students studying STEM subjects and encourage them to register their interest.

The Solution:

Campus Media organised for student brand ambassadors (hired from its Campus Media Crew) to distribute booklets on campus at nine of the UK’s most prestigious universities. Each brand ambassador targeted high footfall areas in STEM facilities and were briefed to approach students that fit BP’s target criteria to tell them about the event.

The brand ambassadors encouraged everyone they spoke to provide their details through an event registration form.

The Result:

  • The Campus Media Crew reported high interaction and engagement between students and the brand ambassadors on campus. The campaign was a great success with many female 1st and 2nd year students expressing an interest in attending the international women’s day event in London.
  • 630 female students registered for the event.