Student Marketing Case Study

Supermarket chain Lidl wanted to further increase their reputation as a Top 100 employer amongst student.

The Objectives:

Lidl tasked Campus Media to provide university students with an exciting and interactive experience that would:

  • Position Lidl at the forefront of students’ minds while the High Fliers Research was being carried out
  • Increase awareness of Lidl’s graduate and placement opportunities
  • Boost Lidl’s reputation as a Times Top 100 Graduate Employer

The Solution:

Campus Media created and delivered an experiential marketing campaign at 30 different universities across the United Kingdom, with 47 events being executed in total.

The first stream was an interactive memory-busting game pod that students could play in order to win a prize. Students had to enter their email address and provide the year that they were due to graduate before playing the game. This meant Lidl could follow up with the student players with relevant and timely information about their upcoming graduate offerings.

The second stream of the campaign activity involved event managers driving Lidl branded cars to target campuses and parking them at high student footfall areas, such as outside of university Student Unions. The Lidl graduates and Campus Media student brand ambassadors accompanied the parked cars to promote the Lidl careers opportunities and hand out free chocolate!

To maximise exposure of the tour, the on-campus activity was complemented by digital promotion, including social chatter, flyering & postering, email campaigning and SMS push notifications.

The Result:

Despite the competition from hundreds of other graduate scheme providers, striving to get the biggest share of the student conversation during the High Fliers period, this campaign tour exceeded expectations. It resulted in:

  • Lidl jumping up to position 14 in The Times Top 100 Graduate Employer ranking in 2016
  • More than 3,000 students playing the Lidl memory-busting game
  • The social seeding activity, which included 270 Facebook posts and 164 Tweets, had an outstanding reach of 3,255,436 alone.