Student Marketing Case Study

loreal outside campaign

In 2016, L’Oreal briefed Campus Media to help raise awareness for its NYX Professional Makeup by carrying out promotional activity at UK universities.

The Objectives:

L’Oreal challenged Campus to create a high-impact, talk-worthy campaign that provided students with a memorable experience. A partnership was formed and the two companies sought to meet the following objectives:

  • Raise awareness of the NYX makeup range ahead of its UK launch
  • Promote their upcoming FACE Awards 2016
  • Target 5 universities with large & active student populations
  • Showcase & distribute its products among university students
  • Convey its competitive prices & stores which would stock NYX products
  • Convey its social media links for student engagement
  • Create a positive brand experience for all visiting students.

The Solution:

Campus Media devised a strategy that involved using authentic brand ambassadors who had the ability to rapidly spread the word on campus about NXY Professional Makeup.

With this in mind, the following activity was implemented:

  • A full training session was held by Campus Media to show their hand-picked student brand ambassadors how they could ‘live and breathe’ NYX’s brand mission. The ambassadors were also given a brief and targets about the upcoming activity
  • Flyering & social seeding activity was carried out to advertise the upcoming events and Pamper Parties
  • Makeup stands were positioned at each target city Student Union, which were promoted through further social media activity to create traction
  • Pamper Parties were hosted by the ambassadors to introduce students to their latest products and appliance techniques

The Result:

  • The tour significantly beat the targets set by L’Oreal.
  • The Campus visits were so popular that every event had crowds of students queuing up to visit the stalls
  • Over 535 social media posts were distributed by 270 users, gaining a reach of 101,199 and 300,738 impressions
  • This resulted in a 94% female & 6% male demographic impressions
  • The campaign received overwhelmingly positive feedback from both the Brand Ambassadors and University student bodies.