Diversity Events

Diversity & inclusivity are at the very heart of our STEM recruitment events.

Since 2016, Campus Media have been working with a host of employers to bring together the UK’s top female talent in under-represented sectors to empower them to follow their career aspirations and make a real difference in equalising the gender balance in these typically male-dominated industries.

Women in Technology 2019 video
Women in Technology 2019 video

Every year we team up with employers who are proactively trying to recruit more women into their Technology & Engineering roles.

We invite trail blazers to speak at the events to inspire and empower these women to be more determined, resilient and brilliant in their chosen fields.

Inspirational Speakers from WiE 2019: Melissa Ahmed, Ozak Esu, Sophie Harker

Our employer partners represent all industries and the employees at the event range from interns, graduates, through to senior business leaders, which results in a powerful employer panel discussion.

Employer panel discussion

We are supported by The Institute of Engineering and Technology who plays host to our Women in Technology and Women in Engineering events every autumn in London.

In 2020 we evolved the events format.

Yes, thanks to the pandemic we now deliver equally awe-inspiring events, with incredible speakers top employer panel advice, professional development coaching sessions and employer insights sessions, all filmed and streamed live for delegates to attend in person or virtually.

Not limited by lecture theatre capacity, the events welcome all to attend and participate in the live chat forums.

WIET23 watch on demand
WIET23 watch on demand
Watch on demand
Watch WIET22 on demand
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Watch WIE21 on demand
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Watch WIT21 on demand
Click to view Women in Engineering post event footage
Click to view Women in Technology post event footage

The events are free for delegates to attend and the benefits are immeasurable!

  • WiE delegate feedback 11
  • WiT delegate feedback 11
  • WiT delegate feedback 14
  • WiE delegate feedback 10 2
  • WiE delegate feedback 12
  • WiE delegate feedback 13
  • WiE delegate feedback 16
  • WiE delegate feedback 18

“It was truly motivational, I encourage more women to attend this fantastic event. I have never been more excited or proud, studying a STEM subject as a female.”

Get involved

This years’ events will be running as hybrid again, everyone is welcome to attend!

If you are an employer who is looking to recruit and raise awareness of your STEM opportunities at one of our diversity events or a bespoke event, then we would love to hear from you hello@campusmedia.co.uk
Or call us on 020 8265 0130.