Student Insights & Research

What we know…

Student trends tend to move quickly! That’s why we like to regularly speak to our student network to ensure we’re always on top of it. Check out our latest insights below.

Student Insights

Student market research will help understand who exactly you need to target, and how best to engage with your target audience.

To increase your student market share you’ll need to understand who exactly you’re targeting. We’ve got a bunch of market research here, but we also get that sometimes the insights need to be unique to you.Campus Media’s research and insight service enables you to get the answers that you need. Our surveys cut through the wider youth voice to find out how Britain’s students think and feel about all aspects of life. Teaming up with our sister platforms allows Campus Media to effectively segment respondents by age, interests and career path.

Want something a bit meatier? Let us host a focus group on your behalf with a wide, representative sample of students from across the UK.