Women In Engineering & Technology event 2023

Women in Engineering & Technology 2023
Women in Engineering & Technology 2023

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Join us virtually or in person on 1st November from 2pm where we will be promoting gender diversity and inclusivity in STEM careers. 

The Women in Engineering and Technology event plays a crucial role in fostering a supportive community, empowering women in these fields, and promoting gender diversity and equality. We provide a safe space for networking, knowledge sharing, and inspiration, while also addressing the unique challenges faced by women pursuing careers in engineering and technology.
Across the afternoon we will be showcasing the accomplishments of inspiring women in the industry, delivering professional development workshops, and hearing more about career opportunities from from UK top employers. 
You will also have a fantastic opportunity to secure a place at the Stemazing Inspiration Academy where you are mentored & supported to shine as a visible role model!

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Why is it important to champion women in engineering & technology?

  1. Gender equality: By addressing the underrepresentation of women in STEM, we work towards creating a more inclusive and diverse workforce, where everyone has equal opportunities to contribute their skills and expertise.
  2. Talent and innovation: Women bring unique perspectives, experiences, and problem-solving approaches to engineering & technology, fostering creativity and innovation. By supporting and empowering women in engineering & technology, we enhance the collective intelligence and capability of the profession.
  3. Economic growth: Engineering & technology plays a crucial role in driving economic growth and technological advancement. Studies have shown that gender diversity in engineering & tech teams positively impacts business performance and financial outcomes
  4. Addressing societal challenges: Engineering is instrumental in addressing complex societal challenges, such as sustainable development, renewable energy, healthcare, and infrastructure. Women’s perspectives and contributions are vital for creating comprehensive solutions that address the diverse needs of society.
  5. Role models and inspiration: Visibility and representation matter, you can’t be what you can’t see! By highlighting the achievements of women in engineering & technology, we provide role models and inspiration for future generations. When young girls see successful women engineers, it challenges stereotypes, breaks down barriers, and encourages them to pursue their interests and passions in STEM fields.
  6. Empowerment and advancement: Championing women in STEM involves providing support, mentorship, and opportunities for career advancement. By creating inclusive environments, addressing biases, and removing barriers, we empower women to thrive in their careers, contribute to leadership positions, and shape the future of engineering.

Be Inspired!

Over the past 6 years we have been inspired by so many women who have shared their journey with us, warts and all!
These women have been and continue to be the minority in the classroom and workplace, but they have been empowered on their journey to be a role model and mentor to other women. I love the picture below that we used in a post to celebrate International Women’s Day
Now in our 7th year, we will be welcoming more trailblazing women to take to the stage to share their advice & inspire us to be changemakers!

Inspiration speakers & women role models
Inspiration speakers & women role models

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We hope you can join us on Nov 1st.