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Wakey! is a great way to start the day. Get your daily dose of Chris & Ginger now!

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Love Island 2019’s Chris Taylor and Sink the Pink’s Ginger Johnson, alongside Dr Iain Jordan, host innovative new breakfast show Wakey! which promotes positive wellbeing

The presenters of a new breakfast entertainment show are calling on Brits to help protect their mental health as the country retreats into self-isolation and social distancing.

Love Island’s Chris Taylor and comedy drag star Ginger Johnson, alongside Dr Iain Jordan, present Wakey! – a daily nine-minute mix of special guests, ‘bed aerobics’ and tips and advice to help viewers get up and feel more positive about the day.

Wakey! literally wakes you up each weekday with a burst of feel good energy by replacing your usual smartphone alarm with a daily episode – with users choosing what time via a free app.

Backed by a team of scientists, doctors and TV professionals, Wakey! has been designed specifically to help improve mental wellbeing through entertainment and laughter.

As Brits are increasingly told to physically cut themselves off from each other and hunker down at home, there has never been a greater need for good mental health – and some fun as well.

Chris said: “Protecting your mental health and wellbeing is massively important at the best of times but even more so now. We all need to look out for ourselves and each other.

“On Wakey! we talk about all things mental health from self-esteem to anxiety and we bosh out medically supported tips and advice and have some magical special guests. Despite mental health being the focus, it isn’t doom and gloom and we have A LOT of fun and banter along the way.

“Why wouldn’t you want to wake up to the incredible Ginger Johnson and that lovely (albeit slightly odd) quiffed chap from Love Island?”

Ginger said: “Keeping your mind in a good place is hard enough at the best of times, so now more than ever we need to make sure we’re doing whatever we can to keep ourselves feeling good. That’s where Wakey! comes in – we like to start the day with a smile on our face and provide some tried and tested tips to help keep it there!

“Mental health is a serious business, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a laugh while we learn how to navigate it.”

Wakey! has also introduced extra live Q&As with Dr Iain, an NHS Consultant in Physiological Medicine and Chief Scientist at Wakey!, to answer the multitude of questions people have about coronavirus.

Dr Iain said: “This is a difficult and worrying time for everyone. Lots of people don’t have access to the things they normally rely on to keep them happy and fulfilled. It’s more important than ever to find a way to keep these things in our mind and stay well and help those around us to cope.”

Wakey! founder Deborah Coughlin said: “In this time of self-isolation and social distancing we need content that’s going to help us more than ever. Wakey! does three essential things to help with isolation:

*Routine – set your alarm and wake up to Wakey! at the same time each day

*Movement – Bed Aerobics is an accessible way for anyone to get the blood pumping at home

*Interaction – live chat every morning between 5am and 9am

“Every Wakey! show is designed by mental health experts to help with everything from confidence to mindfulness, work-life to change.”

Each Wakey! episode features live messaging so viewers can chat to each other and build a community of Wakey! Mateys while at the end of each show interactive questions help track their happiness.

The Wakey! app can be downloaded free on iOS and Android. A new episode plays each weekday between 5am and 9am replacing the standard smartphone alarm, with users choosing what time they want to be woken up.

Download the app from iOS: and Android:

Wakey! is online at; Instagram: @wakeywakeytv; Facebook: and Twitter: @wakeywakeytv