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The Popularity of Pop-up Shops

Digital retailers have taken to occupying physical space – and for good reason.

Increasingly digital retailers are occupying physical spaces to interact with their customers in the form of pop-up shops. The success of these campaigns has led to more brands assigning budget to ephemeral marketing strategies, which are typically short-lived events or content. It’s a method that is particularly effective with Millennials and Generation Z.

Pop-up shops draw out the ‘FOMO’ [Fear Of Missing Out] of younger generations to build a buzz and get people talking. The stores are only available for a set amount of time, which creates a sense of urgency as the experience cannot be put off or saved for later. Often, these pop-ups are coupled with exclusive discounts or offers that act as a further incentive to go.

However, these events do not necessarily have to centre on selling things as the ‘shop’ title would imply. They can simply be a chance to showcase products, new or existing, or perhaps an experience to increase brand awareness and capture data about their audience – no selling involved.

No matter what the exact format of the pop up, the consumer experiences something different and an extra dimension to the relationship is added – particularly if you are primarily a product, or service, that exists online. It provides the chance to come face-to-face with your customer and give them an experience that is a change to their usual consumer interaction. Pop-up shops can be highly personalised and unique, so it is the chance to display the brand’s personality and bring to life the perception that the consumer will have built through digital interactions.

It is also a prime opportunity to generate some online publicity. Millennials and Generation Z are more likely to share pictures of an event than a product. Therefore, by making the space visually appealing and ‘Instagrammable’ you maximise the chances of getting social exposure.

Students particularly enjoy these fun activities taking place on their University campuses. If you have any questions or queries about experiential marketing, please send us a message or call 020 8265 0130.

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