Student Festival Insights

Uncovering student festival trends & insights with regards to festivals, including: what they spend on events, travel options and influencing factors in which event to attend.

Before COVID 19 the music & festival events industry was bigger than ever! However, last year, Covid-19 wiped out the UK’s summer festival season with only a handful of events still able to take place in socially-distanced fields.

With signs of returning to normality just a few months away will mean many of the summer festivals will be back on in 2021, but what will they look and feel like compared to what we’re used to?

Sadly Glastonbury have already had to cancel with it being so early in the season, where others have moved to safer dates later in the summer. To help you plan ahead, check out what the UK’s biggest festivals have announced.

There is a large array of different events to go to (both in the UK and abroad) and the student market makes up a large body of those attending. With this in mind, this infographic reveals which events students are attending and what influences their festival decisions.

What’s included?

  • How much students spend at festivals
  • How much students are willing to spend on a festival ticket
  • The main influences for choosing a particular festival
  • The top festivals for students
  • Student travel choices for festivals
  • The main reasons for choosing a foreign festival