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Campus Media Ask Students to Discuss their Opinions on Brexit, Politicians and the Media

Six of our brand ambassadors discuss Brexit and how they think it will affect their lives.

Brexit has been a hot, controversial topic in the UK. And with it recently being triggered, those who voted Stay now have to face a harsh reality that it’s really happening.

We wanted to know where students sit with regards to it and so we decided to hold a focus group to get us up to date. But we wouldn’t be in line with our company values if we didn’t share what we know with the rest of the industry. This caused us to launch our brand new video series called: Students on…

Read more about what’s coming up with Students on… here.

In the meantime, allow yourself to get caught up in the passion and thoughts that our students had around Brexit, how it was handled, how it was portrayed in the media and how it has affected their opinions on politicians – yes Boris, we’re looking at you…

Watch Students on… Brexit: Part 1 below:

Students on…Brexit: Part 2 and Part 3 will be launching later on this month. Follow more Campus media videos on our channel here.