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Having a Chinwag with Campus Media Crew

We asked three of our Campus Media Crew about life as a brand ambassador.

We couldn’t run our campaigns without them – in fact, we wouldn’t even exist without them! So we thought it was about time you got to meet the faces that promote your marketing messages and generate major results for your brand.

Say hello to Lucie, Callum and Sofia…

Lucie Matthews, 20, University of Liverpool

What has been your favourite campaign so far and why?

My favourite campaign so far was the ProPlus campaign. It gave me great insight into marketing and I also got to meet and speak to various students on campus about the brand and its upcoming competitions. It was great to get feedback from students about the campaign itself – such as the ProPlus lollipops going down a treat!

How has being a brand ambassador helped prepare you for life after University?

I feel being a brand ambassador has allowed me to gain great confidence and be a lot more organised. Campus Media expect reporting and feedback from the campaigns so I’ve learned valuable skills that will make me more employable when I graduate, such as being proactive with meeting deadlines and following briefs. I think it is a superb role to take on and would recommend it to any student.

Callum Man, 20, Loughborough University

What first made you want to join Campus Media Crew?

I wanted a flexible part-time job role that paid a good wage and didn’t conflict with my academic studies; with Campus Media allowing you to opt-in for what campaigns you work on. I also wanted to gain experience in the marketing and advertising side and Campus Media allowed me to do this through the different aspects of their campaigns required, while also enhancing my CV.

What do you enjoy about being a brand ambassador?

I’ve been able to develop my personal skills. I have also gained a good insight into the marketing industry and what the factors are within it. On top of this, I used my experiences from the various campaigns to obtain an academic placement year at Sportcal.

Sofia Quaglia, 19, City University London

What has been your favourite campaign so far and why?

The Women in Government was a simple social seeding activity but it was something I truly enjoyed because it was a topic I was personally particularly interested in and very motivated about. The same stands for the campaign which I am working on right now. It’s for a property rental website which is something I find personally relatable and very intriguing.

What do you enjoy about being a brand ambassador?

Being a brand ambassador allows me to be spontaneous in what I do, letting me be myself and use my personal skills to get the job done. It is a job that you can tailor to your personality and harness your strengths.

For example, I am a very stubborn, chatty person, so I manage to get the pitch across by being that way. On the other hand, I have worked with several brand ambassadors that are very serious and diligent or funny and light-hearted. That helped them get to a type of audience that was more prone to listening to them. Furthermore, by being a brand ambassador I get to see a bunch of different lovely university campuses, meet a lot of peculiar and interesting, generous people and talk to so many students and professors.

Want to join the crew? All the info is on our Join the Crew page.