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Campus Media Release the Second Part to Students on… Brexit

Six of our brand ambassadors discuss Brexit and how they think it will impact their future.

Last week we launched our brand new video series, called Students on…! We invited six of our most influential and insightful students in to have relaxed, open conversations around topics that effect them as university students. From political events and people in the public eye, to the false impressions that the marketing industry has around them, we’ll bring you fresh insights into the student perspective with each new video we publish.

We kicked off the series with a nice, cheery chat about Brexit! This was supposed to be one video, but as you can imagine, our students had plenty to discuss! Therefore, there’s three parts to this topic. Catch up on Students on… Brexit: Part 1 by clicking here.

Students on… Brexit: Part 2 explores:

  • How Brexit has affected the way students feel about their future
  • Whether students feel their vote was swayed by social media
  • How Brexit has affected their relationships with people who voted the other way to them.

Watch Ben, Hollie, Maddy, Lucy, Luke and Ryan discuss all of the above, here:

Want to know more? Students on…Brexit: Part 3 will be launching later on this month. You can also follow Campus media videos on our channel here.

This video was created in partnership with The National Student.